The internal principle of the gearbox of the reducer is to use all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. The reducer is composed of gear pairs at all levels. For example, using a small gear to drive a large gear can achieve the purpose of mechanical deceleration. The structure can greatly increase the mechanical deceleration and increase the torque. When the output speed of the motor is input from the driving shaft, the pinion gear is driven to rotate, and the pinion gear drives the large gear movement, and the number of teeth of the large gear is more than that of the small gear. The speed of the large gear is slower than that of the small gear. The output shaft output, thereby playing the role of output deceleration. As a power transmission mechanism, the reducer uses a gear speed converter to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the desired number of revolutions and obtain a large torque. In the current machinery industry, among the mechanisms used to transmit power and motion, the application of the reducer is the most extensive one!


Gearbox Type

Round spur gear motor is the mostly normall spur gearbox, we have round spur gearbox from 16mm diameter to 50mm diameter. Sometimes it is better for those application with enough space.

Round Spur Gearbox

Flat spur gearbox provide enough space for a bigger gear ratio, sometimes it is better for those applications without enough spaces.

Flat Spur Gearbox

Worm gear motor is also known as right angle gear motor, it could change the output and it is with self-locking function. direction,

Worm Gearbox

Planetary gearbox is the most effective type, it is consist of sun gears, planet gears and gear ring. It is usually applied on those applications with higher expectation on the lifecyle and noise level.

Planetary Gearbox

DC Motor Type

Brushed DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor


Gear Motor Torque=Driving motor torque*Reduction ratio*Gearbox efficiency

For example, our model DM-12SSN2000315000-150K

From our datasheet table, we can see the Driving motor torque at 3v 15000rpm is about 3gf.cm, the gear ratio is 100;

for the gearbox table, we can see the efficiency for 150 gear ratio(5 stage) is about 59%

So the gear motor torque is about 3*100*59%, that is about 117gf.cm.

Gear Motor Speed=Driving motor speed/Reduction ratio

For example, our model DM-37RS35300126000-90K, the driving motor speed is 6000rpm at 12v, this is normally free load.

For output, the no load or free load speed is 6000/90, that is about 67rpm. While loading, the reasonable range is 75%-80%

it means to rated speed or load speed is about 50-53rpm


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