The miniature DC gear motor is based on the general DC motor, plus a matching gear reducer. The function of the DC geared motor is to provide a lower speed and obtain a large torque. Of course, it is also necessary to understand that different gearbox reduction ratios can provide different speeds and torques, so because of the speed and torque characteristics of gearboxes, the utilization rate of DC motors in the automation industry is greatly improved. A geared motor is an integrated body of a reducer and a motor (motor). The combined machine is called a geared motor. This integrated body can generally be called a gear motor or a gear motor. The geared motors are generally supplied in complete sets after being integrated and assembled by a professional geared motor manufacturer. See that the motor is widely used and can be used in steel industry, machinery industry and so on. Compared with other driving parts, the use of geared motors has the big advantage of simplifying the description and saving space. Gear motors are mainly divided into the following categories: high-power gear motors, coaxial helical gear motors, parallel shaft helical gear motors, spiral bevel gear motors, etc. The characteristics of the geared motor mainly include the following points:

① The geared motor is the technological crystallization of the transmission industry, and the mattress has a high technological content;

② The new geared motor saves space, is reliable and can withstand a certain overload capacity , The power can meet the needs of customers;

③ the new gear motor has low energy consumption and superior performance;

④ the new gear motor has low oscillation, low noise, and high energy saving. It uses high-quality forged steel materials, rigid cast iron housing, and gears. The surface heats up with high frequency;

⑤to ensure the positioning accuracy, all of which constitute the gear reducer motor of the gear transmission assembly is equipped with various motors, forming a mechatronics, which completely guarantees the quality of the product. Features;

⑥,the geared motor adopts a serialized and modular design, which has a wide range of adaptability. At the same time, a variety of other motors, device orientations and layout plans can be combined, and any speed and various layout methods can be selected according to actual needs.