DC Gear Motor for Electric Lock

Micro DC Gear Motor like our DM-12SSN20, DM-13SS050, DM-16RPR130… are often applied on electric lock, electronic lock, intelligent lock, safebox lock and so on.

DC Gear Motor for Robot

Planetary DC Gear Motor like our DM-28RP395, DM-42RPBL4260  are used on robots, like vacuum cleanner robots, intelligent robots, mowing robots etc

DC Gear Motor for Smart Home Applicance

DC motor with gearbox, like DM-46SW370, DM-30RS385, DM-22RP180DM-25RS370 etc, are sometimes used on some smart home applicanc, including roller blind, range hood, coffee grinder, humidifier, sensor dustbin etc.

DC Gear Motor for smart devices in Public

Our small DC Gear Motors, like DM-37RS555, DM-22RP2140, are also applied in some smart devices in public, like the tissue dispensor, ATM, vending machine, even the new 5G atenna.

DC Gear Motor applied on Medical and Sport field

Our models DM-12SSN20 mini DC gear motor are used on an specialized designed anti-shake spoon for Pakinson patients.

Last year, we started a new project in the sports field, the tennis ball lauching maching, which are used to train the tennis ball athlets. In the machine, our model DM-58SW555 DC worm gear motors are applied.

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