Voltage: DC power supply

Deceleration: reduction gearbox, Gearbox

Motor: electric motor

The DC voltage used by micro motors is generally below 36V. According to the needs of various batteries and applications in the market, there are relatively more 5V, 12V, and 24V. For this type of geared motor, there are brush motors, brushless motors, servo motors, etc. that are matched with multiple points. Specific analysis and follow-up articles will be written one by one.

Generally, the speed of a single motor is tens of thousands of revolutions, a small motor has a high speed and a small torque, and a large motor has a low speed (which can be several hundred revolutions) and a large torque. But for some purposes, only a few revolutions and tens of revolutions are needed, so an acceleration and deceleration box is needed. It can be understood that the gearbox is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque.

The number of gearbox stages is different, and the efficiency will also be different. Generally, the efficiency of the spur gearbox is 0.9, and the five-stage reduction efficiency is 0.9X0.9X0.9X0.9X0.9=0.59049; the efficiency of the planetary gearbox is 0.8, and the four-stage reduction efficiency is 0.8X0.8X0.8X0.8=0.4096