What is Planetary Gear Motor?

2022-10-17 16:40

What is Planetary Gear Motor?

Planetary gear motor consist of DC motor and planetary gearbox. DC motor is the high speed electronic motor. The Planetary gearbox is the transitional mechanical system of speed reducer, including sun gear, planet gear, ring gear inside of gearbox. The planetary gearbox reduce the high speed supplying from DC motor via ratio, and outputs low speed on output shaft. This DC planetary gear motor is used for various automatic products, intelligent products, home smart, robot, etc. The planetary gearbox consists of a sun gear, planetary gears, a ring gear and a carrier. The input shaft drives the sun gear to rotate it. The planetary gears mesh with the sun gear and rotate on their axes as the sun gear rotates. The planetary gear also engages the stationary ring gear, causing the planetary gears to rotate around the sun gear. The carrier holds the planetary gears together and sets their spacing. It rotates with the planetary gears and combines with the output shaft.


What is planetary gearbox?

Planetary gearbox that is planetary Reducer  gearbox also called gear box. Its structure is a mechanism that a number of planetary gears rotate around a sun gear. The transmission speed ratio is reduced, but at the same time the motor torque is increased proportionally.

The main transmission structure of the planetary gearbox is planet gear, sun gear, ring gear, drive motor, transmission shaft.


From the appearance, Planetary gearbox can be divided into three sections: input section, reduction section and output section. Input section: The input section refers to the core section of the reducer, which looks like a box from the outside, but actually contains many core components, such as planetary gears, sun gears, and ring gear.

Output section: Output section refers to the end connected to the equipment, including the output shaft and output flange.




Grease as lubricant in planetary gearboxes

As we known, The gears must be lubricated to run smoothly during transmission. It is grease as lubricant used for planetary gearboxes. The use of grease has a good effect and many benefits on the rotation of planetary gears. Let's talk about a few direct benefits.First: grease can reduce the noise generated by the gearbox, which is important for products which require low noise. Second: Increase the life span. The use of grease makes the wear between the gears lower, so that the gears are not so easy to Broken. The construction of planetary gearboxes keeps the grease not decreasing, which makes the life of planetary gearboxes longer than other gearboxes.

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