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2023-07-24 10:10

The better you get familiar with worm gear motors, the more value you'll derive from them. This article shares what DC worm gear motor is all about.


DC Worm Gear Motor

The DC worm gear motor is very popular in so many industries like medical, electronic product, automatic equipment, etc. This is because they have a wide application base. Given also their unique self-locking characteristic, it is necessary for us to understand their design, how they work, and the factors that may affect their mechanism.


What is a DC Worm Gear Motor?

DC Worm Gear motor can be referred to as speed reduction motor, Geared Dc Motor, DC Geared Motor, or gearbox/ gearhead motor. It is made up of an electric DC motor and a gearbox. And because they are more solid and long-lasting than other kinds of motors, they make them ideal for harsh environments. 


How Does a DC Worm Gear Motor Work?

A DC gear motor typically uses direct current power to work. When you connect the DC gear motor, the output speed of the motor shaft can be lowered while concurrently increasing the motor's output torque.


However, it is feasible to derive the DC geared motor torque via the form of the gearboxes linked to each other. Notice that the DC geared motor works to rotate or move the final required shaft at a expected rpm slower than the motor. At this rpm, the DC motor will move towards a high torque geared DC motor, which can apply greater torque to the shaft or the rotated object.  


Now, the passage of electric current through the rotor causes the commutator to rotate because it is in the magnetic field. This rotational force is used to perform mechanical work. The mechanism of a PMDC gear motor goes hand in hand with that of a DC motor, building the definitive speed and torque output.


Here are the key parameters to keep in mind:

  • speed (rpm)
  • torque (lb-in), and
  • efficiency (%)


Each variable has targets and specific ratings or results to obtain the optimum result. Hence, to run effectively, you need to compute the speed, load, and torque parameters based on your application. With the data generated, the ideal gear motor that works for your program can be chosen.  


Mode of Operation of a DC Worm Gear Motor

Acting on the current main gear's torque, the DC motor turns the worm gear at different speeds. The primary power transmission mode of the DC worm gear motor is wobbled and vertical. Such a simple structure can lower the utilization rate and save installation steps. The vertical power transmission has an excellent effect and cancels the load pulse generated.


Why Does a DC Worm Gear Motor Produce Vibration?

  1. If the worm gearbox and motor are not fixed well. (Here, the recommendation is to inspect and re-fix)
  2. Suppose the teeth of the worm gear pair are overly worn and damaged. (Here, the recommendation is to replace the worm gear pair teeth).
  3. Suppose the bolts are not set correctly. (Here, the recommendation is to inspect the fixing bolts). 
  4. If the bearing is worn, the gap is large or needs to be replaced with a new one. 


Advantages of the DC Worm Gear Motor

  1. Its permissible input speed range is very low, with alternating large deceleration ranges.
  2. Its mechanical frame is close-packed, light, and efficient. 
  3. The transfer of heat is satisfactory with rapid heat release.
  4. Despite it supporting a high load, it is rather silent. 
  5. The installation is easy, flexible, and light.
  6. It has a high driving speed ratio, torque, and overload capacity.
  7. It is durable, safe, and reliable.
  8. Its operation is smooth with solid applicability.


Applications of DC Worm Gear Motors

  1. DC worm gear motors solve the problem of programs requiring optional dual output, a corner turn, or an inability for the motor to be back-driven. 
  2. 6V/12V/24V worm gear motors are popular in electronic products, automatic/ medical equipment and more. 
  3. They are highly effective in industries for smart homes, robotics, health medical care, valve & meter, vending machine, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial & commercial products, etc.
  4. Its unique self-locking characteristic is seen where a self-locking is required, but additional brakes are to be avoided, like for lifting operations. 
  5. They are also more solid and long-lasting than other kinds of motors, they make them ideal for severe environments.
  6. Since 6V DC gear motors use less power to operate, it is ideal in battery-operated devices, as they will help prolong the battery life.


Factors Affecting the Service Life of a DC Worm Gear Motor

Several requirements must be closely checked to extend the DC worm gear motor's service life, especially the standard operation method and equipment maintenance. Other factors that often affect the service life are:

  1. If issues encountered from the installation and commissioning process are allowed to linger before fixing.
  2. Inadequate maintenance culture of the worm gear motor and equipment operation.
  3. If the quality of the DC worm gear motor is poor.
  4. Operating errors caused by inadequate maintenance of diverse indicating instruments and false representations of those instruments. 
  5. The job responsibility system is insufficient, e.g., the operation method, shift system, safety technology, etc.
  6. Overloaded worm gear motor, such as large defects.


How to Maintain the DC Worm Gear Motor?

Here are good practices that can extend the life span of the DC worm gear motor.

  1. Conduct an audit on the installation foundation, seals, drive shaft, etc. This quick sweep is to confirm that they are at ideal state. When it calls for a period of immediate investigation and troubleshooting if an abnormal phenomenon occurs, permit the process.
  2. To avert damage, desist from beating the worm gear motor housing by gravity.
  3. Keep the worm gear motor away from direct sun rays and harsh conditions.
  4. The worm gear motor should be surrounded by a well-ventilated environment to support ideal normal heat dissipation
  5. Always go for the lubricating oil directed by the expect.



Any application that requires high speed will hardly benefit from the DC worm gear motors as they reduce speed in favor of higher torque. However, they have superior performance and are easy to maintain, provided good maintenance habits exist. 

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