What are the electric motors used in household appliances

2021-11-19 10:49

Electric motors are used in household appliances: electric fans; washing machines; range hoods, etc.

1. Electric fan

The fan is mainly composed of fan head, blades, net cover and control device. The fan head includes an electric motor, a front and rear end cover, and a shaking head air supply mechanism. The main component of the electric fan is: AC motor. Its working principle is: the energized coil rotates under force in a magnetic field. Electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and at the same time, due to the resistance of the coil, it is inevitable that a part of the electric energy will be converted into heat energy.

2. Washing machine

Washing machines are cleaning appliances that use electrical energy to generate mechanical action to wash clothes. According to their rated washing capacity, they are divided into household and collective use.

3. Range hood

The range hood is installed on the upper part of the range hood, the range hood is connected to the power supply, and the motor is driven to make the wind wheel rotate at a high speed, so that a negative pressure zone is formed in a certain space above the range, and the indoor fume gas is sucked into the range hood. After filtering by the oil net, the oil fume is separated for the first time, and then it enters into the air duct of the hood.

The oil fume gas is separated for the second time by the rotation of the impeller. The oil fume in the air cabinet is subjected to centrifugal force, and the oil mist is condensed into oil droplets. The oil mist is collected in the oil cup through the oil circuit, and the purified fume finally follows the fixed passage. discharge.

Converting electrical energy into mechanical energy-the invention of the electric motor

The history of electric motors

In 1834, Jacoby of Russia made the first practical electric motor. American inventor Tesla made an induction motor in 1883.

In 1889, Russia's Dolivo-Dobrovolsky made a practical three-phase induction motor.

Principle of induction motor: Three-phase alternating current can generate a rotating magnetic field in space, which will cause the closed aluminum frame placed in it to rotate.

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